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I suspect that a student has exhibited academic dishonesty.  What should I do?

A faculty member who suspects that a student has exhibited academic dishonesty is required to file a report via Symplicity.  Before filing the report, the faculty member may consult with the Academic Integrity Officer responsible for the course that they are teaching.  The faculty member should keep in mind while drafting the report that it will be shared with the student as part of the academic integrity process and should provide as much information as possible about the suspected act(s) of dishonesty.  In addition to an incident narrative, Symplicity provides the option to upload files that are relevant to the matter.

I do not think that the student in question acted maliciously.  Can I handle the case myself? Am I required to file a report?

All suspected violations of the Academic Integrity Policy must be reported to Dr. Palmgren.  Faculty members cannot adjudicate cases themselves.  Adjudication of cases by Academic Integrity Officers promotes consistency and prevents serial offenses by students from going unnoticed.

Once I report a suspected violation, what are my responsibilities?

First, you are asked to notify the student of the suspected violation, in person or via email.  Second, the Academic Integrity Officer (AIO) adjudicating the case will likely contact you to discuss your perspective on the case and to acquire any relevant documents.  The AIO may also consult with you regarding the sanction to be levied upon a finding of violation.  If the AIO refers the case to the All-College Academic Integrity Board, then you will be called to testify at the Board hearing.

As part of my course, I would like to use the Academic Integrity modules that new students complete.  How do I access those items?

Academic Integrity is now presented to entering students in the form of Canvas modules.  They can be found in the Canvas Commons by searching for “TCNJ academic integrity” and then added to your course’s Canvas page.